Americanism v. Globalism

Love of country versus love of world government more simply stated.

Perhaps if I did not take advantage of the opportunities given me by my nation I may be looking for some-pie-in-the sky skim known as the one world government. My country has been given the nickname The Land of Opportunity.

When I was barely a teenager, my first money earning jobs were working on farms doing general labor. In the hot summer sun I help a farmer take in hay for dairy cows. Another farmer had thousands of chickens and I helped collect eggs on weekends. There were other jobs which enabled me to purchase my own used car when I was 16. I work at a fireworks factory part time as a teenager and continued this at various times over the next 20 years. I worked at a large manufacturing company making artillery shell casings right after high school. I joined the Navy reserves and was on active duty during the Vietnam war. At age 24 I was married and worked as a general laborer, both non-union and later union jobs, pouring concrete on 544 foot tall cooling towers and also worked laboring for one of the biggest contractors in the world, Bechtel. I started remodeling buildings beginning with my home, then my business and rental homes. These provide me with a good income today. I worked at the University of Scranton in security so that my daughters' could receive a free education. I also completed my education at age 50 while working at the University of Scranton. At age 54 until retirement at age 66 I worked as a corrections officer. I have had plenty of opportunities in my life. The United States of America has been the land of opportunity for me.

My country has led the world through innovations in governments around the world. Other nations have adopted various forms of democracies. My country has lead the world in inventions that have not only raised the standard of living in my country, but around the world.

Now there are some very intelligent people who believe it's time for a different form of government, a government that will better take care of world needs. There have always been very intelligent people with pie-in-the-sky dreams. Recently the European Union has been formed by such dreamers which is a step towards the one world government. They have shadowy people making decisions that are destroying borders which once defined countries. They have out-of-control terrorism from immigrants.

No thank you to the idea of a world government. I will keep my representative government where the people are close to the elected employees. I have the opportunity to replace my elected employees, they do not.

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