Conservation Guided by Common Sense Maxims

I was lucky to have had a Great Uncle, William Lidy, and lived next-door to him when I was growing up. He was in the Navy in the WWII, served on a troop transport ship and was a gunner that faced kamikaze's in the Pacific. He was a nature lover who worked for the water company patrolling several water reservoirs and the watershed around them. He used horseback and vehicle. He taught me how to hunt and the importance of taking care of wildlife and the environment.

I love the Maxim “Waste not want not”. I believe humanity has a responsibility to preserve, to the best of our ability, God's garden! Uncle Billy taught me that it is okay to use what we need but also that I should try to give something back to nature when possible.

When I worked building the nuclear power plant I understood that I was helping to create an unsolved problem of nuclear waste disposal. I vowed to myself that someday I would help promote alternative forms of energy as a way of giving back something. Today I have an energy-efficient home which utilizes masonry mass on the interior, high-efficiency foam insulation, triple pane windows, heat pumps for heating and cooling and solar panels that further reduce my impact on the environment.

I was also involved in the early stages of Lackawanna County's recycling center. When I heard that Lackawanna County was going to build a recycling center I called the architect and volunteered to work for free. I visited a recycling center in New Jersey with the architect, during the planning stage.

I would love to work to help find solutions to the illegal dumping and littering along our roads & forests landscapes. I would love to play a role trying to deal with the nuclear waste problem.

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