Proposal #2

Secrecy Kills Fair Dealing

The real problem with any covert deal or special interest groups or lobbyists is that they receive an unfair advantage. We cannot forget that our paid employees must give them that unfair advantage. There is such a thing as the hydraulic effect if you are studying crime, & I do have a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. A scientific study indicates if you stop crime in one area it merrily finds another way to pop through somewhere else. Like water finding a way through a poorly sealed wall. If this is true any attempt to regulate campaign finance is a sham. There are actually bigger problems that need to be stopped also. What we need to regulate are the paid employees attitudes that believe in lopsided deals. We need to thoroughly seal any weak spots to our security.

Trust, but Verify

We should offer every paid employee an opportunity to voluntarily be drug tested & undergo a polygraph test and ask them if they have done anything that could be considered not ethical, that could be used to control the way they vote, this would take care of those that are being blackmailed. Blackmailing politicians is a sophisticated industry and we can no longer put our national security at risk. They will have the right to refuse and the voters will have the right to consider if their refusal is the reason not to vote for them. Any paid employee that will not support passing such a law also needs to be duly noted for the voters to consider their position election day.

It is Time to Drain the Swamp

Politicians not voting fairly has caused so much trouble around the globe and the fiscal insanity has placed the security of our country at extreme risk. We need to ensure that our paid employees are working for we the people. Patriotic Americans want and need a fair deal. Vote for me and I will work to bring this bill to the floor for a vote and will be the first to be drug tested and polygraphed before I enter an office. Plus I will undergo regular moderating because it is not ethical to ask someone to do what you are not willing to do.