My name is Robert J. Kuniegel, and I am running to fight for North East Pennsylvania in the 8th Congressional District.

I was raised here, raised my family here, and have made my living here. I’ve worked in blue collar jobs many years before putting myself through college at the age of 50, earning a degree in Criminal Justice. My wife and I have been happily married for 43 years and I am the proud father of two daughters and six grandchildren.

I have submitted reports to a local newspaper until reporters started reporting on local township meetings. I volunteered to help in the planning of Lackawanna County's recycling plant. And have taken 3 months off work without pay to build an educational website offering free American history books. TrAmericanPatriot.com

My fundamental values, beliefs, and principles are a product of a lifetime here in Pennsylvania.
It’s time we started doing what is right for working-class Americans, and the hard-working families that make this great country what it is.

*America should not be the world’s policeman, nor is it our job to get into the middle of every civil war going on in the world. I have this standard when it comes to sending our men and women into harm’s way. Are vital American interests at stake? If not, count me no on sending our young to spill their blood on foreign soil.

*Too many Americans have been left behind in the endless rush to sign trade agreements with governments that steal our secrets, undermine American wages, living conditions and our standard of living. Trade agreements must be good for Americans in order to earn my vote.

*At a time when so many in our communities have been left behind, it’s time to secure the border, reduce the number of immigrants we bring into the country, insist that those who are here abide our laws and assimilate into our American culture.

*I believe it is criminal that we make it so hard for our young people to go to college, get a job, buy a house and raise a family

*I am tired of watching Wall Street billionaires rig the tax code, and buy favored treatment at the expense of working Americans. It’s time we had a Congressman who will fight for us.

These are just a few of my bedrock principles and fundamental beliefs.

There is nothing about me that the monied interests can buy, trade or barter. I am committed to leaving this world, our country and this community a better place and a force for good.

I ask for your help and your support. If you’d like to know more about where I stand, please visit the issues page of my website.

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