Social Security, Medicare & Healthcare

Social Security, Medicare & Healthcare Let's start with the fact that our public servants seem to have placed their re-election before what is best for the American people in regards to all of these issues.

Social security started out as a fund that would've drawn interest on the money collected. Now it has in essence become a tax going into the general fund. Politicians have also increased the scope of what social security covers with little regard for fiscal responsibility to the fund. Politicians have acted in the same manner of short-sightedness with other social programs. The only way that we can possibly meet our obligations with the social programs is to have more public involvement with the solutions. Politicians love to confuse facts which enables them to gain or continue in office without dealing with the problem.

There are no easy solutions since we have been operating from a position of fear versus intelligence. It matters little what 100% of uninformed citizens think about an issue. It would be productive to know what 50% of the people who know real facts think. We are now living in the beginning of the information age. We have the ability to document all sides of different theories. We also have the ability with computer logarithms to factor out peoples opinions which are based upon self-serving attitudes. Why not start looking for real solutions based on intellect, not fear?

There are at least a hundred thousand people that would love to have the opportunity to give their opinion about important issues after reading in-depth studies about various issues. One thousand participating could start an informed opinion poll, so it is more than doable.

We have the ability to factor out biased opinions or at least classify different groups of opinions, using psychological participation questions combined with trend tracking. Then at least we could have an educated informed opinion poll to offer the general public. We also would have involved people in the solution to problems & at the very least we will have started on the road to "action" based on information versus fear & re-election schemes.

"If ever we reached a point in this country where the general population do not know what information can be trusted we are in real trouble." (paraphrase)
-Theodore Roosevelt

It seems to me that we have reached the Un-Information Age where people do not know what to believe. We must deal with this if we want real solutions to gigantic problems.

Social programs are necessary and should be protected! But if we continue down the road of individual self-preservation we will do great harm to society as a whole. This is just plain common sense.

Theodore Roosevelt says there are two things that can destroy our country.
1. The hard hearted person that will not help anyone under any circumstances.
2. The soft headed person that wishes to help everyone all of the time under all circumstances.

Government handouts destroy people in that entitlements destroy all incentive for people to obtain necessities on their own. This is human nature which conforms to the law of unnecessary consequences

"The person who expects to be carried is not worth carrying".

-Theodore Roosevelt

To save our social programs we must find ways for people to volunteer in ways that will reduce government outlays to the programs and produce new income for the programs. Become an army of one and the job will be accomplished...maybe not today but it is the future we desire to make better.

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